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Ricardo Pecharromán y Morales. Jeromin

Pecharromán artistic production in the beginning, the guidance to reflect the fleeting moment of life and urban expressionism, capable of both social and aesthetic changes, until their own development needs, large format begins a new creative path always targeted celebrate and recognize outstanding personalities of culture in different libraries. The big events that happen to live are also challenged from its unique postmodern.

Collections intend with strong methodological approaches for research and study, to be able to shape a rigorous course of action and deep, to know the artistic work satisfactorily Pecharromán, joining the social-historical moment, the painter lived with her historical and artistic development related to the avant-garde aesthetic movements.

The Documentation Centre, the Archives and a data bank, are willing to research to better understand each of the collections at the same time all together. So will help to spread and disseminate from the institution itself and in collaboration with other national and international thematic works Pecharromán.

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