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Program of Exhibitions

- In own rooms                                   
- Out of his it sedates                                     
- In collaboration with other entities 

Number of annual exhibitions

- Between four and six annual exhibitions

Orientation and criteria of the explanatory Programming

The Area of Exhibitions of the Museum, it realizes anually programmings orientated after reflections obliged to propose new knowledge of the aesthetics in reference to the political, social, economic and cultural orders. The criteria of quality and representation are binding and indispensable in the projects, which in turn are directed creators so much emergent by new contributions the art, since the significant ones in the current panorama, preferably alive.

The cultural identity is one of the axes also to considering, capablly of analyzing his differences, so much from the point of view of the individualities, as the proceeding ones from imaginary worlds. Respecting the flow of the cultural process universal mas, as the set of the trends, ideas and emotions of the artists.

The orientation of the explanatory programming, it is analyzed at all time to announcing an opened, active and alive culture, which is capable of enriching and stimulating even to the most demanding formations.

Profile of the artists. Consolidated, emergent, local, national, international

The art that shows itself in the temporary collections corresponds so much to artists consolidated like emergent, with independence of his origin or residence, but with the aim that they contribute a creative art and of quality to the society and that it serves to open new routes between the comprehension and the knowledge.

In the emergent ones, independently of the new aesthetic searches be valuing, also are considered to be his commitments by the complexes topics of the life in which they relate. But that try to explain what they have of differently with his offer both in thought and in means or materials with those who work. Are admitted all the trends and diversity of artistic expressions from the neoexpresionismo up to the abstraction and his diversions to new trends.

With the alive consolidated and different artists of the historical forefronts one tries to announce an art that has been capable of affecting not only new creators, but what they have influenced in the current culture with his concepts or artistic ways. Also there are contemplated those that find given as fruit an important transformation to the last plastic movements.

Anticipation with which carries out Calendar of Activities

Between nine and twelve months

E-mail, where to request it

Project production

The Museum has his own department for the project production.            

Activities of promotion Nacional/Internacional

Both national and international. Exchange of Publications. Lending of Collections. Trips programmed for groups. Diffusion in press. Directory. Conferences and Representations in Fairs and Congresses. Between others    

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