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Museo Pecharromán. Outer Plane

The Pecharromán Museum is located in a house built by the Manrique de Lara in the first third of the 16th century. The Coat of Arms is located in the vestibule and is an example that could be described as exceptional that combines lineages, noble titles and military orders, work of the artist Antonio Godinho, gentleman knight of the House of El Rey. The house was built in wood and stone, consists of three floors and warehouses, being the main door lintel. They were Public Schools in the reign of Alfonso XIII, directed by master instructor Luis Garzón, who gave name to the street. Cataloged by Heritage as a Protected Building, it is located in the historic center of Pasarón de la Vera, a Noble Villa declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1998 and located in the Comarca de la Vera between Plasencia and Jaraíz, ten kilometers from the Monastery of Yuste- Palace of Charles V.

Nobiliary Review. - From the noble point of view, the figures and pieces of the shield that we are dealing with are related to the following nobility title: Count of Osorno with Grandeur of Spain, granted on August 31, 1445, by Don Juan II from Castile to Don Gabriel Fernandez-Manrique, I Duke of Galisteo, Commander-in-Chief of Castile and Leon, Thirteen of the Order of Santiago, Lord of Fuenteguinaldo, son of the I Counts of Castañeda. Related to the lineages Fernández-Manrique, Álvarez de Toledo and Fitz- James Stuart. In recent times the holder of this noble title considered the most important in the world, was the most excellent Mrs. Maria del Rosario Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart and Silva, who since February 18, 1955 was Duchess of Alba de Tormes with Greatness of Spain, until his death in 2014, at present the title belongs to his son Carlos Fitz-James Stuart and Martínez de Irujo.


The MUSEUM PECHARROMAN versatile man is born in 1996, thanks to the tenacity and Ricardo Pecharromán y Morales generosity (Madrid 1949), great lover of the Fine arts and propagator enthusiast of the Contemporary Art. Cultural promoter, painter and patron, is pioneering in the simbiosis between conservation and creation with the support to the Cultural Patrimony and to the new creators. The Institution is today what was in other times his study in Extremadura.

It realizes and exhibits in his first epoch figurative pictures, until it knows in Madrid (1975) Oskar Kokoschka, who him makes think about his artistic path. Follower of the group " The Step " embarks in new plastic European currents you relate with George Baselitz y Markus Lüpertz.

Ricardo Pecharromán's professional category is not necessary ensalzarla. It is enough to revise his appearances in the most important artistic cenacles of our time, with representative samples of his creativity, to give complete idea of the great prestige acquired by this person from Madrid.



In this plant there places the Room of temporary Exhibitions, distributed, with the own vestibule and three more dependences, for one of which it stoops to the warehouses. The artesonado of the roofs as the rest of the building, they are constructed by seen wood, of autochthonous precedence.



It is destined to rotary exhibitions of a good number of drawings and paintings of the richest collections that remain in the funds of the Museum, as well as a selection of documents related to the artistic life of the Painter.

Anteroom. - Different pictures of surrealistic components and expressionists orientated to the diffusion between the hot thing and the subjective thing. The chairs is composed of sofa and baroque armchairs by different motives of hunt, flanked by two hachones of forge and Italian wastebasket of middle of the XVIIIth. The space is illuminated by a rustic lantern that comes from the study of the Artist.


Library. - Dedicated by the Painter to consultations and reading, he understands different commemorative paintings of marked postmodern style to Goya, signed in the nineties, proceeding from exhibitions in center - europa (1996). A furniture of style alfonsino, with German lamp of epoch, completes the decoration.

ROOM. - Contains linens without irruption where the energy flows with libertinism, there being contemplated the beautiful technical and stylistic qualities of the expressionism. The furniture that adorns this room consists of Elizabethan chairs, Cervantine bookshop and carpet of the Royal Factory of Tapestries.



They are the dependences abuhardilladas of the building where the Artist was developing the great part of the preliminary, both graphical and pictorial work and also the definitive work of small format. In this plant we can see besides other paintings, the information collections, the room of reading and a great sunlight in main, own face of these buildings of the Region of the Side.

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